I've become rather... tired of societal pressures and norms recently. I miss hanging out with simple and like-minded Malaysian friends. It's tiring having to warp myself to conform and fit in all the time

Missing home. Missing my best friends. Just... fed up.

It only feels good when you're in the midst of it! 

Then you feel friggin' guilty after and your whole world crumbles into pieces. D: but seriously though, exams stink. Ugh. Can't remember how I survived my past 3 uni exam periods. Were they less intense? Did I procrastinate as much? Or is what I'm doing right now just normal? Ugh pardon my late night 2am sudden emoness. Ugh ugh. Ugg boots. 

On a side note, I'm in love again..... :D

with the Jayesslee twins! 

Funny thing is that I never used to like them much. Hrm, kinda thought they looked too made up and slightly "fake" back in highschool lol. I guess I'm used to, and rather like Aussie asians now ;) 90% of my procrastination time is now spent on them. And.... I've been procrastinating a lot these 2 days so yeah. Hours on youtube = bad idea. Oh well, I always have an exam vice and it's them this time I guess :P They're just so cute and goofy /screams

My favourite cover of theirs thus far. Love "breakeven" and "I won't give up too"! Okay enough fangirlboying. 

Eetz time to face ze 'orrible reality again. Microbiology & Immunology here I come. 

p.s. I love learning about the human body. Just pause a lil' while and think about all the complex convoluted cell signalling, metabolic, defense pathways your body's carrying out right now, all at the same time. #awe 

Alright. Geek out. 

So. I've been relaxing for 4 days now. Time to get my working arse back up! I strongly strongly suggest all you people to watch Looper :) Because you've got the amazingly gorgeous Emily Blunt and JGL! And also, the plot's really fresh and unpredictable. Go watch the movie knowing as little as possible about it, you'll enjoy it best that way. 

And... here's my Japanese Video no.2. If you did watch and do remember my first one from half a year ago! Heh, this is a roleplay vid I did with a Singaporean and an Aussie dude. You guys probably won't understand it anyway. 


So yeah. Time to STOP reading about Mists of Pandaria. Played a few battlegrounds (pvp) yesterday ehehe. Pandaren are now out! 

Okay then. Back to work /weeps

So. My exam timetable's back to being horrible. Knew the good timetables would've to end eventually! Pessimism won over D:

Oh well at least it's not as bad as 1st year 1st sem's first three days in a row! Big wake up call to reality I guess. Been resting long enough. 1 week's worth of playing WoW, doing nothing, camping and hiking! 

Time to memorise all that anatomy again. 

Old, but still humerus. Heh.

So we're not going to Uluru anymore! Yeehaw. Oh well, started to have a nagging bad feeling within me about this trip a few days ago. Sort of knew it was too good to be true and too haphazardly planned. I just hope I get to leave Melbourne during my 2 weeks spring break. I just need a break, somewhere we can just throw our worries away and relax. "把烦恼抛到九霄云外" 

Goodness I sound like an old man. Never understood why my parents wanted to go on holiday just to relax when I was young. The answer's so evident now.